Stephen King Filmography

This  is the list of movies and TV shows based on the books and work of Stephen King. The author is best known as writer, actor, producer, director, he also starred as Himself and he guest appeared in a few TV shows.

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Title Available Release Date
Carrie Yes 1976-11-03
The Shining Yes 1980-05-23
Creepshow Yes 1982-11-10
Cujo Yes 1983-08-12
The Dead Zone Yes 1983-10-21
Christine Yes 1983-12-09
Children of the Corn Yes 1984-03-09
Firestarter Yes 1984-05-11
Cat’s Eye Yes 1985-04-12
Silver Bullet Yes 1985-10-11
Maximum Overdrive Yes 1986-07-25
Stand By Me Yes 1986-08-08
Creepshow 2 Yes 1987-05-01
The Running Man Yes 1987-11-13
Pet Sematary Yes 1989-04-21
Tales from the Darkside: The Movie Yes 1990-05-04
Graveyard Shift Yes 1990-10-26
Misery Yes 1990-11-30
Sleepwalkers Yes 1992-04-10
The Dark Half Yes 1993-04-23
Needful Things Yes 1993-08-27
The Shawshank Redemption Yes 1994-09-23
The Mangler Yes 1995-03-03
Dolores Claiborne Yes 1995-03-24
Thinner Yes 1996-10-25
The Night Flier Yes 1997-11-15
Apt Pupil Yes 1998-10-23
The Green Mile Yes 1999-12-06
Hearts in Atlantis Yes 2001-09-28
Dreamcatcher Yes 2003-03-06
Secret Window Yes 2004-03-12
Riding the Bullet Yes 2004-10-15
1408 Yes 2007-06-12
The Mist Yes 2007-11-21
Mercy Yes 2012-12-14
A Good Marriage To be Determined
Cell Yes 2016-07 -06

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