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Are we living in a Stephen King movie?

Stories, myths, and novels give us a unique opportunity for escapism. We like to treat ourselves with a little story here and there, whether it is a story from the book, game, movie or our granddad’s half-fiction telltales. It provides us with novelty, ideas or unrealistic scenarios that we are unlikely to experience; or, inversely, […]

top 10 Stephen King movies ranked by cultural impact

Top 10 Stephen King Movies Ranked By Cultural Impact

Stephen King has certainly made his mark on the world of horror, but the masterful author’s influence doesn’t stop at that genre. In fact, Stephen King’s many twisted stories have had a resounding impact throughout the entirety of pop culture, with references and homages popping up all over mainstream media. Since Stephen King’s rise to […]

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Best of Stephen King Movies

Stephen King is considered to be one of the best horror authors of our time, but scary stories aren’t the only tales this prestigious writer has to share. Although many of the films based on his work are frightening, the best of Stephen King movies have effective, dramatic storytelling. Since the author is better known […]

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Top 10 Scariest Stephen King Movies

When it comes to the modern masterminds of the horror genre, Stephen King is easily one of the most influential and effective authors around. This Main-native writer got his start in the early 70s with his iconic novel Carrie, a story that shocked readers around the world. Since then, King has written and published over […]